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Leadership Development, Team Development, Organizational Development & Training

Kwela Leadership and Talent Management is a Vancouver-based consulting company that specializes in Leadership Development, Team Building, Organizational Development and Training for businesses of all sizes. Our approach is straightforward and pragmatic, and our consultants are business savvy professionals who know how to execute well. We view leadership as a process and we base our programs on a rigorous methodology that delivers measurable results every time. Explore our site and learn how we can help you grow the leaders that will meet your strategic goals - more

We design and deliver comprehensive leadership programs that are tailored to your organization and driven by measurable results. more
We help teams reach new levels of performance through programs that promote collaboration and teamwork. more
We help you to find, engage and retain talent through forward looking succession plans and performance management systems. more
We help people throughout your organization to acquire the personal and tactical skills that are essential to high performing leaders. more